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A Place Among Us

Anthem for the Panglobal Representatives for Inclusivity in Sacred Music (PRISM)


Gustav Holst (1874–1934)

Text: Vincent Fung (b. 1990)

A flame dwells deep within us
From whence shines forth our art, Which claims us each as beauteous; Bright virtue to impart.

O Muse, who ever beckons,

Who stirs within the deep,

Pray grant those whom the world shuns
Bold courage they can keep.

So may the spark within you
Ignite the spark in me;

When joys are known in each hue,
A new world we shall see!

Through depth of night till daybreak, Let justice be our guide;

We persevere for love’s sake,

That true peace may abide.

Despite all tribulation,
We seek for harmony;
Triumphant in elation
With newfound dignity!
The colours of the rainbow
Dispel the gloom of night;
The path we choose to follow
Will lead us to the light.

United in our vision:
Though many, we are one;
This is our solemn mission:
Let hatred be undone! 

We stand in countless number
Uplifting those who fall,
Awaking those who slumber –
How boisterous is our call:
Come find your place among us,
No matter near or far;

Take part in the great chorus,
Be proud of who you are!

© 2021 Vincent Fung

Ed. Rev'd Ian Render

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