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Support PRISM

The greatest resource of any organisation is its membership.  Your support of our vision is invaluable in helping PRISM to reach out to and connect LGBTQIA+ sacred musicians around the world, help them achieve more in their art, and promote the value of sacred music as a way of bring together people from all walks of life.

We aim to foster a sense of hope and solidarity in those members of the LGBTQIA+ community who find themselves living and working in countries or institutions where they are still subjected to hate, violence or persecution.  Help us be there for the people who need support.

You can show your support ...

You can show your support in several ways:

  • Subscribe to PRISM or join our Facebook page 

  • Sign up to be a member where you can also let us know if you have particular gifts, talents or skills you’d like to offer or share.

  • Be an ambassador for our vision in your organisation or music community.

  • Contribute financially to a specific project by contacting us directly.

  • Make a donation below to help our team run PRISM and achieve its goals.

Whichever way you’d like to show your support, thank you!  It means a lot to us


  • PRISM Supporter

    Valid for one year
    • Access to members' FB page
    • Access to special music shares
    • Members contacts
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