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Image by Isaac Ibbott

Our Projects

PRISM has some exciting projects under development that have our attention right now!


If you want to know more or have a project of your own in mind, simply email us. Let’s make it happen, together!


International Psalm Writing Competition

OPEN until 28 July 2024!  This is an exciting opportunity for up-and-coming composers to submit an original psalm chant in the Anglican style for this competition, and eventual distribution and performance.  More details here.

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PAX - PRISM Accredited Spot

X marks the spot, right? Currently being developed by PRISM, this campaign aims to identify those organisations and physical localities that are safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and align with our core values.  What better way to convey this than through the Latin word for peace – PAX. Launch date June 2024.


PRISM Awards

The team here at PRISM think role models and heroes are important in our lives.  We’d like to acknowledge the amazing work that individuals and organisations do every day to make this world a better place for all of us through the medium of sacred music. Let’s celebrate their efforts together by nominating them for an award in one of 3 categories - Best Composer, Best Performer, Best Advocate. Inaugural awards early 2025 - get your nominations in now!

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